sábado, 27 de agosto de 2005

jueves, 18 de agosto de 2005

Removing 2.6.11 prebuilt modules on my packages

Since there is no longer supported by the kernel team, I am going to remove the 2.6.11 prebuilt modules of pwc and linux-wlan-ng.

This is a good thing for me... removing gcc-3.3 dependences and using the new name linux-image / linux-headers.

martes, 16 de agosto de 2005

pwc and linux-wlan-ng now builds on powerpc

Since the last version of linux-headers-2.6.12 pwc and linux-wlan-ng builds are ok. Now its time to test them.

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2005

Actualizacion de Drupal y de paso cambio el theme

Ya me tocaba actualizar el Drupal, habia vulnerabilidades y aun no lo habia actualizado. Asi que ya que me pongo... pues le cambio un poco la cara.

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2005

New node for TorreviejaWireless

This afternoon I'm going to help jokin to create his node on azahar del mar, near Carrefour. Maybe today it will not be online, but jokin is very interested in this project so this node is going to come to life as soon as possible.

viernes, 5 de agosto de 2005

gtk-sharp-1.0.10-1 fixed

I am now trying to install monodevelop on my ibook on MacOsX and I found that gtk-sharp-1.0.10-1 didn't compile at all.

I found this patch on mono-patches and I have added it to gtk-sharp.patch. Now it works.

I mailed a fink user with the same problem and the gtk-sharp Maintainer informing about this issue.

Updated: The Maintainer has incluided the patch, thanks to you Benjamin ;)