sábado, 16 de julio de 2005

Playing with linux-kernel-2.6-2.6.12

This is my first post on English, so I will have a lot of mistakes, but
after a long time thinking about it I notice that I need to improve my
English now that I am trying to get involved into Free Software, Debian
packaging. And you all know, the modern Latin is English.

So, I will start using English for my blog just like a way to get a better
English knowledge, and someday being able to speak it properly.

Well the post is about the new linux-kernel-2.6 package and my two kernel
driver packages. I am now trying to build from the sources the 2.6.12 stuff
and trying to see the differences with 2.6.11 . I have to be nice with
the pwc driver that is already back into the kernel source.

My first thought were to use dpkg-divert in order to not to conflict with
pwc.ko. But on IRC the kernel guys told me that I must use /misc directory
and not to play with kernel files. The version I already have is implemented
with dpkg-divert but I is just a devel version, and I did not test it

I have to learn how /etc/modules.conf works with packages on /misc an
/lib/modules/$(KVER) before I can do anything.

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