sábado, 2 de julio de 2005

pwc esta otra vez en la cola de nuevos packages

Pues hoy mismo Sean Finney me ha subido el package y como tiene nuevos binarios pues esta en la cola de nuevos otra vez.

Esperemos que la espera no sea muy larga.

Como me han comentado en #debian-kernel el 2.6.12 ya incluye el pwc. Asi que tampoco parece que tenga mucha vida este package. Lo que me parece es que la version incluida en el kernel no es la misma que la "oficial".

Le faltan ficheros, y en el log del kernel:

commit 88c1834633341bbb94e315433067496338bff4ad
Author: Alan Cox
Date: Fri May 27 13:40:53 2005 +0100

[PATCH] remove non-cleanroom pwc driver compression

The original pwc author raised some questions about the reverse
engineering of the decompressor algorithms used in the pwc driver.
Having done some detailed investigation it appears those concerns that
clean room policy was not followed are reasonable. I've also had a
friendly discussion with Philips to ask their view on this.

This removes the problem items of code which reduces the pwc
functionality in the kernel a little but leaves all the framework for
setup that will be needed for decompressors in user space (where they
eventually belong). This change set is designed to be the minimal risk
change set given that 2.6.12 is hopefully close to hand, with a view to
merging the much updated pwc code in 2.6.13 series kernels.

Someone else can then redo the decompressors properly (clean room) in
user space.

Note that while its easy to say that it should have been caught earlier,
but the violation was really only obvious to someone who had access to
both the proprietary source and the 'GPL' source.

Parece que hay que crear una libreria para la descompresion que ahora se realiza en el kernel. No se que futuro tiene el pwc ahora mismo... porque ni se puede utilizar con el kernel de sarge ya que es 2.6.8 y necesita 2.6.9 por lo menos. Y al ser incluido en el kernel 2.6.12 ya no es necesario el package.

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